Speech to text

Ever wanted to try out your Chinese (Mandarin) pronunciation when there are no native speakers around? One method is to use Google’s powerful speech to text engines to convert your speech into text. If your pronunciation is reasonably accurate (both tone and sound) you will see the characters you expect. This is one indication that your pronunciation is pretty accurate.

THIS CAN ONLY BE USED ON GOOGLE CHROME BROWSERS. Currently Internet Explorer and Firefox do not support online speech recognition.

Use the Google Speech Recognition app. below to speak your Chinese sentence into Chinese character text.


1. Click on microphone icon.

2. Speak what you want to be converted into Chinese characters into your microphone.

3. Once the characters appear, copy and paste them into your chosen application (e.g. the dialogue IM input fields when conversing with the Chinese Island NPCs). You don’t have to click the Google Search button.



  • Don’t try to say too much at one time. Keep your speech input simple, slow and clear.
  • If you find the Chinese characters displayed are incorrect you may need to adjust your pronunciation.
  • If you want to hear the correct pronunciation for characters that you already know, go to http://text-to-speech.imtranslator.net/, type them into the input field and click to listen.

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