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Rosie and Dalila’s Revenge – Second Life – Western – Role Play

A really fun machinima made in SL. Love the high quality scenery, animations and costumes.


Second Life 11th Birthday Dressage Performance

In addition to a wide range of formal education activities there are many other community activities that involve quite complex and detailed learning opportunities for participants and even observers. One of these is the graceful and complex art of dressage. I was very fortunate to see a wonderful performance by the Dressage In SL (DiSL) group at the SL 11th birthday celebrations on the 25th of June, 2014. The following is a video of that performance.

The DiSL group is a great example of the diverseness of the communities that exist in SL. For those interested in learning about horses who may not have direct access to real horses, or indeed as preparation for contact with real horses, DiSL’s activities provide a great learning opportunity.

Honey Heart, one of the riders, very kindly provided me with the following information on dressage in SL:

“Dressage in Second Life has evolved along with the new rigged mesh avatars.

The horses used for Dressage in SL are mesh avatars and use special animations and HUDs to let them perform the movements and figures of Dressage.

Currently there are three makes of horse that can be used for Dressage, made by Hoofit, Ladies’ Pleasure, and Water Horse. These horses have been rigged in a way that lets them articulate most closely like RL horses. Hoofit, Ladies’ Pleasure, Breeder’s Choice, and Water Horse avatars may all be used for eventing and jumping.

Dressage in SL (DiSL) focuses on reproducing FEi-sanctioned horse sports, including dressage, cross country/hunting, stadium jumping, and competitive driving/finer harness.

In our exhibit at SL11B, we are focusing on 3 versions of ‘dressage test’. These include a transitions test, a figures test, and a freestyle. The former are analogous to a 6- or 7-year old training test; the later is closer to a Kur.

Like RL dressage, it takes time and training to prepare horses to ride a test; and elements of uncertainty arise from such things as lag, analogous to a horse shying or losing focusing at critical moments. Also like RL, the rider must memorize the test, and be sharp and capable of responding to changing conditions within the court and from her horse. The horse must also learn the test and be preparing to perform special movements and figures at the correct time, just like in RL.

If you would like more information about Dressage in SL, please drop by our sim, Cherry Island, where we conduct weekly dressage clinics and meets and teach people and horses how to ride Dressage in SL.”

For more information in DiSL and horse riding activities in SL see:

For more information on the the Federation Equestre Internatinale see:

For more information on dressage terminology see:



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