Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality and Education in the Media

SBS Insight S2015 Ep11 – Dancing With Dementia

Towards the end of the program one of the guests gives a fascinating insight into how virtual reality (VR) using an immersive headset like the Oculus Rift can help us understand the world as it is perceived by dementia sufferers.

As with many other educational uses of interactive virtual worlds / virtual reality / virtual environments in education, the ability to experience something that may not be so easily experienced in your daily life which can contribute to your skills and knowledge in real life is one of the strengths of this technology.

SBS Insight S2015 Ep11 – Dancing With Dementia

Virtual Worlds interview on The Couch TV show

See an interview with Jay Jay Jeathesan from the University of Western Australia on the television chat show The Couch. The intervew with Jay Jay starts at the 39:25 minute mark.

For more info on the UWA in Second Life see:

ABC Radio National

Twenty-first century learners

A fascinating and enlightening interview with Professor Yong ZhaoPresidential Chair and Associate Dean for Global Education in the College of Education at the University of Oregon about the hidden dangers of an obsessive focus on standardized-testing in education.

Listen here:


For a fantastic and enlightening discussion of E-Education and the growing importance of ‘web-based teaching’, including the use of virtual worlds, have a listen to the ABC Radio National program Australia Talks’ special program on the subject.  To here a podcast of the program and the discussion follow the link below to the Australia Talks site:


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